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Sarmad Hashmi

Royal Pet Portraits

Royal Pet Portraits

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Do you ever think how your pet cat or doggo will look wearing a traditional kurta shalwar? Do you think your doggo will love his portrait of him wearing the same clothes as you?

Worry not! I have been doing some photo manipulations from past few months and I believe I can give your pet a royal treatment of Photoshop magic! 

Want your cat to wear what you wore on your khala ki cousin ki shadi? or want them to wear that black kurta to make some cats go meow?

Order your royal cat portrait now!


After ordering, Please email me your pet photos at

Follow the tips below when taking your pet's photo!

• Close up photos work best!

• Take your photo at eye level with your pet.

• Take your photo in natural daylight and don't use flash.

• Try to get your pet to sit or stay still - make sure there's no blur.

• Make sure long floppy ears are in the photo and are not out of frame.

If your photo doesn't meet our criteria, I'll let you know and help you choose a more suitable one!


Please drop a message at  for more information.


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